Walkie talkie Baofeng austiņas uv 5r earbuds PTT ar mikrofona auss āķis austiņu k ostas divvirzienu radio austiņas uv-5r bf-888s

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Walkie talkie Baofeng austiņas uv 5r earbuds

  • Kabeļa Tips: Austs neilona
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: BAOFENG
  • Vienuma Tips: Austiņas
  • Modeļa Numurs: uv 5r rācijsaziņas earbuds
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)

Ordered the first time for a test 2 pcs. the headset came very quickly. I liked the quality. better than the staff. The cable is all silicone. In the cold will not break like a regular. His father saw and said he wanted the same. ordered 2 more pieces. Three weeks and I have a headset. Shipping fast. The seller sends the order instantly. I highly recommend the seller and this headset. The sound quality is as on the original, and the cable quality is much better.
Great headphones. In the cold do not crack. Arrived fast

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