Dzimšanas dienu, Kāzu svinības, Apdares Pārredzamu Hēlija Bobo Baloni, Puses dod priekšroku, Ziemassvētku Dekori Balona piepildīta krāsaini vizuļi

Tagi: Ballons Un Piederumi, Mājas & Dārzs, Lēti Ballons Un Piederumi, Augsta Kvalitātes Mājas Un Dārza, Ballons Un Piederumi.

  • Pieejams
  • b148

  • Materiāls: Plastmasas
  • Forma Stils: KĀRTA
  • Skaits, Gab: 1pc
  • Modeļa Numurs: bobo balonu&vizuļi
  • Iestatīt Tipu: No
  • Veids, Vairumtirdzniecība: No
  • Godu: Mātes Diena
  • Klasifikācijas: Ballon

The parcel came quickly, the ball is dense, but unfortunately there were no instructions to it and it is not clear to what size it is possible to inflate, so inflated helium not much, the ball is very heavy and does not fly, the valve on it is not, as usually happens in such balls, Just tied the ribbon and it of course through the tent will lower all helium (((and so, transparent cute, if the flight is not important, then you can purchase
Geka Geka 2001
Delivery 2 weeks, the seller is well done, on contact goes, quite quickly answers. Inflated, inflated, to the declared size and does not finish up, only OK. 50 cm, opened a dispute, the requested amount returned, approx. 70%. For the sake of interest I ordered another same size, the same seller.

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