1 Rokturis +N Asmeņi Vīriešu Skuvekļu Asmeņi 5layers žilete Sejas Kopšanas Savietojams Gillette Fusion Skuvekli

Tagi: Razor, Skaistums & Veselība, Lēti Skuvekli, Augstas Kvalitātes Skaistums & Veselība, Razor.

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  • izmērs: 5layers blade
  • Catalog2: Vīriešu Skūšanās Asmeņi
  • Catalog1: Skūšanās, Vaksācija
  • Vienuma Tips: žilete
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Gillette
  • Daudzums: 1 Komplekts
  • Materiāls: Plastmasas+Nerūsējošā Tērauda
  • Modeļa Numurs: FY-5A

Sashka Yastrebov
I have not actually used the blades yet but they look exactly as described as does the handle. The handle feels a little thiner than my old gillete one but still sturdy like it will last and not slip. They also included a very nice cat tattoo which my daughter loves. It was a nice touch by the seller, an additional effort that puts them above the others. In all it only took two weeks from when I ordered to when I got the razors which is impressive compared to many others on Aliexpress.
Quality norms
The pulling the skin and מורידים the hair, Hurts very shave, Do not recommend at all I 'd sure it's original and it's fake, not worth not buy

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