16cm BJD Elfi Horned Lelle 13 Locītavas kustamo Modes Lelles Baby pliks ķermenis Withoutmakeup lelle Diy Aksesuāri Rotaļlietas meitenēm dāvanu

Tagi: Lelles, Rotaļlietas Un Preces Vaļaspriekam, Lētas Lelles, Augstas Kvalitātes Rotaļlietas Un Preces Vaļaspriekam, Lelles.

  • Pieejams
  • b32968

  • BJD/SD Atribūts: lelle
  • Izmēri: 16cm
  • Veids: Pildīti Lelles
  • Vienuma Tips: Lelles
  • Brīdinājums: neēd
  • Dzimums: Unisex
  • Stāvoklis: Jo-Noliktavas Preces
  • Tēma: Filmu un TV
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Akumulators: NO
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Tupursum
  • Vecums: 8-11 Gadi
  • Forma: 1/12
  • Mfg Sērijas Numurs: Zvaigžņu Produkts

Marcu Jupanu
Pupae very cute!!) I'm happy! The seller sent quickly, it also reached Moscow quite quickly.
This is my first doll with a similar body, so there's nothing to compare with. But, the body is pleasant to the touch, heavy. Hands-legs-rubber, positions hold. The body itself is matte plastic (true with the traces of casting at the seams, but it's easy to remove). The head is medium softness, slightly multi-Tonite with the body (it is more pink). The ears are punctured as it is very strange, at the bottom of the ear. Smile with a high tongue (or it's sooo puffy lower lip). As a gift, the seller put pink, rubber shoes, black eyes and a sticker. Packed in a regular navel.
Handsome! Nice doll. To her, the seller put a sticker, shoes and eyes of black color-standard. I replaced them with gray ones. I will order more with another expression of the face. Shipping fast.
December 19 ordered, January 11 took from the post office. The product corresponds to the description. I order the second time. Everything is super! Seller recommend.

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