EDWONE Koka Magnētisko Vilcienu, Lidmašīnu Koka Dzelzceļa Helikoptera Kravas Auto Aksesuāri, Rotaļlietas Bērniem Fit Koka jauno Biro Dziesmas Dāvanas

Tagi: Diecasts & Rotaļu Automobiļi, Rotaļlietas Un Preces Vaļaspriekam, Lēti Diecasts & Rotaļu Automobiļi, Augstas Kvalitātes Rotaļlietas Un Preces Vaļaspriekam, Diecasts & Rotaļu Automobiļi.

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Materiāls :Pludmales, KOKA Plastmasas

Izmēri:Skat. Attēlu


Pleace pārbaudiet mūsu veikalā vairāk Thomas&Friends Vilcieniem un Koka Dziesmu Piederumu mums ir vairāk nekā 70 dažādu dizainu vilcieniem un dažādu dziesmu piederumu.

  • Veids: VILCIENS
  • Funkcijas: Lējumiem
  • Mēroga: 1
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: SAMOHTOY
  • Svītrkods: No
  • Brīdinājums: nevar ēst
  • Kuģa/Karakuģi: Citi
  • Modeļa Numurs: vairāk nekā 70 dažādas tains
  • CE: Sertifikāts
  • Vecums: > 3 gadiem
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Sertifikācija: CE
  • Materiāls: Koka

Nazarova S A1971
Ordered the first for a sample, a truck crane. Quality is so-so. It may be unfair to compare with brio, but still, great and great, as they write in the comments it is difficult to name. The main drawback is the lifting of the cargo to the extreme upper position, the cargo rises at an angle, it can be seen in the photo "hook", so it can slip and break. In addition, there is a significant Luft of crane arrows and Assembly fire (light lapping). In general, of course the cost with the same brio is at times less, so who such shortcomings do not strain, you can take it. Delivery to Peter two weeks, packed well.
The tow truck came quickly. The second time I order from this seller. In general, everything is good, but does not tightly close the roof and the magnet would like more to clutch, but there's no other machine.
Desire Rrr
In the H/P 155 rubles, so there were no special discounts, the magnet is weak on the arrow, which in all directions turns from a light touch. The parcel was tracked, it was a month
Artha Direct16
All cars are quality. The parcel came quickly. No smell. Magnets in some models are weak. One machine has broken polarity. But this is not a problem, we are all used to refining the goods with Ali Express.
классный эвакуатор,только положили тетю в качестве водителя,ну да ладно,мой малыш все равно рад!

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